Win Money Online - Tried and Tested Method From the Experts

The Expert's Method to Win Money Online

Winning money on the internet is not always an easy task. From fake competitions to false bonus cash offerings, it is a not a task that should be taken on without doing thorough research and testing. That's where we can help!

We've trawled through a number of free casino cash and slots offers. We tried taking free bonus cash to play with, testing the payout percentages, getting percentage deposit match bonuses (more free cash to play with), we've done it all... and here's what we found:


That's right... rubbish! Out of over 55 different casino offers, we only scored 7 of them over 8 out of 10. But fear not, there was a clear winner (*hint - Starts with B, ends in Y), and we'll explain the best possible method to increase your chances of winning at this casino utilising free (or partly free) offers that the casino provides. Our method works in 2 steps which are explained below.

Step 1: Choose & Amount You Wish to Play With
Step 2: Choose a Bonus Amount & Sign up

We'll go through the steps in detail below.

Step 1

This is an important step. A starting amount too little will mean less chance of winning big, a starting chance to large means there is more at risk. We do our best to get the odds in your favour but you have to remember that there is always a chance you can lose when playing at a casino so be careful choosing your starting amount.

You have to remember that if you choose a deposit match bonus (recommended) in "Step 2", the amount of free casino cash you get will be a percentage of your initial deposit amount.

A good starting point is anything between £20 and £50. As an example, if you deposit £20 and take advantage of a 100% match bonus, you will get £40 to play with. If you deposit £50, you will get £100. Once you have decided how much you are willing to play with, move to Step 2.

Step 3

Now you have to choose a bonus to get some free cash to play with at Betway Casino (the best casino and bonus offers from all our testing). The options are simple:

Option 1: 100% Deposit Bonus up to £250

By far the best option if you want to have a good chance of winning. Betway Casino will match your initial deposit with 100%. That means they'll give you a total of 2 times what you deposit, plus, they then offer a 25% match on your second deposit, then a 50% match on your third deposit.

Remember, the 100% offer only stands for your first deposit, so make sure you deposit the full amount you selected in Step 1 else you won't get the full 100% bonus. This bonus will only work with up to £250 deposited (giving you £500 total to play with).


Option 2: 20 Free Spins (No Deposit Required)

If you don't deposit any cash but want to try your luck winning with 20 spins then this option is for you. Your chances of winning will be significantly reduced if you take this option though as you only have 20 spins to win.

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That's it! Now you've chosen your bonus and signed up (and possibly deposited), you've completed Steps 1 and 2. Good luck and happy winning!

Remember... Quit While You're Ahead!

Remember... You should always choose a stopping point. How much you choose to walk away with is entirely up to you but our advice is simple. Pick a number and stick to it! It's easy to have "just one more spin" or to say "I'll just play with another £10 of my winnings" but realistically if you're not strong willed, this can mean walking away with nothing.